ROAR Issue #4: State of Control is

Article by Jerome Roos (PDR Cambridge, founder and editor of ROAR magazine), in ROAR issue #4

A concise account of the current state of (drum-roll) state control in neoliberal systems, exemplified by armed riot polices opposing civilians, mass storage of personal data, and the phenomenon of handling disorder (aka consequences and symptoms) rather than bringing order (aka addressing root-causes and improving these).

On his argument that private companies are increasingly profiting from the increaseing state-control (data mining, private military forces), Roos remains a bit vague and, especially towards the end, the article carries a slight conspiracy-esque character when it paints its doom and gloom scenario.

The management of disorder — this becomes the main paradigm of government under neoliberalism. Rather than directly confronting the underlying causes of political instability, ecological catastrophe or endemic social ills, the state of control considers it “safer and more useful to try to govern the effects.”





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